Our Approach

Six thoughtful steps to placing the best talent.

Capodice view of existing franchise team

1) We begin with a multi-dimensional view of the existing team’s strengths & development opportunities.

2) The team’s strengths & development opportunities are matched against the company’s strategic plan.

Capodice team strengths compared to strategic plan
Capodice identifies franchise team gaps

3) Gaps are identified, forming a clear vision of the actual competencies required to achieve performance objectives.

4) A vast pool of high-performing franchise specific talent is identified, vetted and scientifically correlated for the most appropriate alignment.

Capodice vets pool of franchise talent
Capodice performs background checks on franchise team members

5) Third party background checks ensure objectivity and proper due diligence to assist in the reduction of a costly recruiting error.

6) Upon offer & acceptance, the on-boarding process begins with team building for a shorter ramp-up time and greater productivity.

Capodice on-boards new franchise team members