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Case Studies

Senior Operations Executive for Global Multi-Billion Dollar Organization

A global multi-billion dollar organization had lost its senior operations executive twice within an eighteen month timeframe. The company’s COO was rapidly losing credibility and his operations initiates were moving further away.

Through the expert use of multi-dimensional assessment tools, Capodice & Associates was able to uncover a key behavioral component that enabled our successful placement to thrive and regain lost credibility. This individual went on to a highly successful twelve year career with this amazing brand, adding tens of millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

Chief Development Officer Expanded Franchise by 250 Units Per Year

An emerging brand was acquired by an aggressive equity player looking to greatly accelerate franchise growth from 60 units per year to 200 units per year. Our keen insight and knowledge of the franchise industry’s key growth oriented professionals led to the acquisition of one of the most talented Chief Development Officers known. The result was franchisee growth of more than 250 units per year which lead to an extraordinary liquidity event for the equity group and management team.

Noteworthy CEO Replacement within 60 Days

Our flexibility, industry connections and knowledge were very beneficial to one of our clients when a tragic event happened to the Founder/CEO and a noteworthy replacement was needed quickly in order for the business and franchise community to continue to thrive.

Through our vast franchise network, a thorough surfacing and vetting of CEO candidates occurred within three weeks and a short list of five candidates were set for additional interviews. After a rigorous interview process, two finalist candidates were selected and further vetted, assessment testing and background checks ensued. The amazing newly hired CEO was on board and actively engaged within sixty days of beginning the search.

Conflict Resolution Saves Top Performers

What do you do when you have a high-performing marketing executive and a high-performing operations executive, but they just can’t get along? You call Capodice & Associates, of course.

As a senior level certified consultant in one of the worlds leading assessment tools, Peter Capodice was able to assess, evaluate and bring the two individuals together to see how they could value each other’s varying approaches. After six months of intense coaching, the two individuals found the ability to work together successfully saving two top performers and the potential cost of turnover. Knowledge is power!